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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blackthorne Repertory Theatre, where are y'all?

Waxing sentimental at my greatly advanced age, I started wondering what
ever happened to the folks I used to know in Blackthorne Repertory Theatre
back in the 1970s and '80s. Blackthorne was an "Imagist Theatre" that was
sponsored by the Duluth Art Institute back then. I don't think the
Institute has anything to do with theater anymore, though.

Did a few name searches on Google and whatnot.

Might have found Tammi Pekkala, upon whom I had a tremendous crush back in
the day. Got married, as I recall; I believe she said she named their
daughter Angel. Don't know if I found the right Tammi Pekkala, although I
don't suppose it's that common a name. Finnish, I think it is.

No sign of John Schramek or Shawn Olson (ran into Shawn's mom a while
back, though), Janie Sydor, Steve Ward. I think Steve was involved in
"Colder By The Lake," back when they were still performing.

Dora Schneider, now there was a hottie! ;-)

Andrea something, don't recall her last name. Don't think she liked me
much, but I'm not easy to like. Rick Quimby, John Cage. And there were a
couple younger people joined up in the later days, who I didn't know well,
if I recall correctly.

Frank Jewell ran for City Council or County something-or-other a while
ago. I recall he was on the Council back in the '80s or thereabouts, too.

Director Seamas Cain is still writing poetry, and I got an email back
after visiting his website. We never did get together for that cup of

A word to the wise. You who are young enough, take my advice: never, ever
lose track of your friends. Most of them you'll never find again, and the
Internet just gives you more wrong answers in your search results.

Wonder if anybody ever did a search for me?

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