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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Best and the Brightest

Okay, so we're down to considering the best that the official political
parties have to offer, McClain or whatever his name is, and Clinton or
whatever his name is, or her name is, what ever happened to that Rodham
lady who apparently had opinions of her own?

So, we've got McClain, who has George Whoopdiedoo Clinton's opinion, or
maybe Bush, I gather there used to be a President named Bush, years ago,
or Hillary who apparently has whatsisname Clinton's opinions, or whatever
she told him were his opinions, or as far as you know, had my opinions.

Me, I'm in favor of that Micclinton guy, the Republican, who is all about
how wonderful the whole Bagdad Fiasco has turned out, and certainly he's
right about that, the Patriot Act says he's right, and since he voted for
it, it must be a good idea, right? I mean, any act for the furtherance of
the mistreatment of them rag-head bastards must be okay, as long as it
otherwise undermines the U.S. Constitution. So, yeah, vote for
MccLintock, John Wayne played him in a movie, so it must be a Good Idea.

Or there's that woman, who's just about doing things right.

But, no, vote for Macillhenny, or whatever. Because he's an old guy with
white hair, and we've done so well electing old guys with white hair,
after all.

God Bless America!

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