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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vista vs DOS 3.x

Okay, having spent some time trying to explain Vista, or XP, or you-name-
it, to various folks who just bought a computer because they thought they
ought to...

They should be using DOS 3.3, maybe with Win 3.1 on top, but probably not.

They need word processing, which was easy to do with DOS.

They probably don't need spreadsheets, but they could be done with DOS.

Most of what they actually need to do with the Web could be done with Lynx
under DOS. If there's more they really need to do, Netscape under Win 3.1
could do that, and then they go back to DOS.

And... well, that's pretty much it. There are a handful of fiddly things
they could do with newer OSes, but they probably wouldn't understand what
they are, anyway. Bill Gates said, "640K should be enough for everybody." So why are they paying for more hardware, and a couple-
three hundred more for the Operating System, for stuff they never do

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