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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Format for the show -- shorter, and daily?

I've started a new practice with my podcast. Since I had such problems
with getting a 30 minute show done the other day, I decided to do shorter
shows. I've been consistently 10-11 minutes so far. Works well for me,
anyway. To be honest, my intro is a minute, and I run one song a show
that's maybe four minutes, so that leaves me five or six minutes of Me

And I'm actually Writing these days, too, although I hope it doesn't sound
too scripted. That way I can cover everything I'd intended to talk about,
sound reasonably coherent, and usually have some sort of central theme, so
I'm actually talking about something as compared to nothing in particular.
I won't rule out doing longer shows if I have some content to justify

Anyway, I hope those of you who listen like this way of doing things. And
I hope I can sustain it. Daily is a whole lot to do, and I won't promise
it'll always be daily. But I might get to like it, ya never know!

Thanks for your interest. Talk at you later, and Happy Holidays!

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