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Monday, December 3, 2007

Ma Cable

One of the cable companies is running local to me a whole series of ads
promoting what a Wonderful Thing it is that you have one company providing
all your (phone, internet and cable) services, and how "competitive" it
is. I forget which cable clone this is, they're all the same, the name is
changed, but it's still the same old gas.

I'm old enough to recall Ma Bell, and how they just barely didn't entirely
suck on their core services, and how stuck one felt with them. And I
recall how the Fiddle Gummint decided they were profoundly anti-
competitive. I also recall $5 a month for local phone service, which is
all I really have a use for.

So how is having Bob's Cable Company doing everything better than having
Ma Bell doing everything, including cable TV? Are the cableco's going to
get me the phone service I actually use for five bucks a month, like Ma
Bell did? Are any of the wonderfully competitive other phonecos going to
get me core phone service, with no other services required, for five bucks
a month? Are the cable companies finally going public in proving that the
old Ma Bell doing everything model actually works?

Or am I going to get spectacular bargains on long distance services I
don't need, or cable services I don't want?

Gotta love competition without regulation.

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