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Monday, December 17, 2007

Grandma-proof MP3 player

My Mom loves to listen to audio books. She usually gets them as CDs,
sometimes tapes. I think she might (for example) enjoy some books from
Audible, and she might enjoy some of the books available as MP3s (from, for example).

She also likes to listen to some of her old vinyl collection, and would
like them available on CDs. But it'd be simpler, I think, to get them to
MP3s and have her access them via an MP3 player of some sort. However...

I've used a couple of gadgets for MP3 playing myself, including a teensy
device from RCA, and my now-aging PDA, which is what I'm listening to as I
type this. But...

Boy them buttons are tiny. And the displays are ridiculously small. I
have to put my glasses on, even on the PDA, just to be sure what the heck
I'm playing. I'm 49, my Mom, well, you do the math.

Anybody know of an MP3 player that is simple to use, and big enough in
buttons and display for use by my 70-something Mom, and not way out of my
barely-employed budget?

Christmas is coming. Come up with a good answer, and Santa will put you on
his Nice list!


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