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Monday, November 12, 2007

So, where have I been?

Had intended to do a show last weekend, but we got one a them shed
thingies, that's more like a tent with a heavy frame, and we put that up
on Sunday, so I didn't get it done. Or started.

Then early in the week I blew up at the bartender at one of my two regular
Kareoke bars. Then late in the week I got pissed -- in a couple of
different senses -- at my other Kareoke bar. I'm out of places to sing.

Just as well, I'm really tired of Kareoke.

It isn't Kareoke I'm tired of, really. I'm tired of hoping that something
major will change in my life. Because it doesn't change. Same stuff,
different day.

I should have done a show this weekend, too. This weekend, I don't have
any excuses.

Does back pain count?

Okay, let's pretend it does.

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