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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Re: [Long_Live_TechTV] Consumer Groups Ask FCC to Fine Comcast

It was 2 Nov 2007, when jimmy miller commented:

> A coalition of consumer groups has formally asked the Federal
> Communications Commission to stop Comcast Corp. from interfering with file
> sharing and to fine Comcast $195,000 for every affected subscriber.
> The petitions will be the first real test of the FCC's stance on
> the so-called "Net Neutrality" issue. The agency has said that Internet
> service providers can't block customers from Web sites or from using
> Internet-based applications, but it has not had to enforce that policy,
> given the long-standing industry practice of treating all Internet traffic
> substantially equally.

You wanna hear my Conspiracy Theory?

Currently, we have a handful of corporations (with large amounts of money
attached thereunto) who control access and use of a significant number of
tunes people love and want to keep hearing.)

They currently have access only to those tunes they've bought.

They are, apparently, trying to kill off the access of anyone, even those
who have paid for access, to their paid-for songs. They're getting
viciously aggressive as regards anything even approaching reproduction of
those songs, even if those reproductions are local, only for the use of
the person who's already paid for access.


Well, lessee. We have companies that have paid billions to create the
ability to reproduce and promote music. But they can only reproduce songs
they're licensed to reproduce.

But what if there were no longer any copyright restrictions?

What if the companies that are best positioned to reproduce in volume can
reproduce in volume anything they care to?

They no longer have to decide which songs they reproduce -- if they have a
copy, they can produce more, whatever happens to be saleable right now.

So, if they want that, what's their biggest obstacle? Copyright. They
need to get permission from whoever has the authority. Even if they're
"friends" with the source, they still have another negotiation to get
through. And even if they're friends, there's still anti-trust -- can't
have all the buddies negotiating deals so they can just do what they want.

So, let's suppose everybody figures they'd be better off if they can just
do what they want without having inconvenient obstacles like the law and

But yeah, there's still copyright, back in the real world. How do you get
past that?

So, how do you get past copyright?

Convince everyone that Copyright Is Wrong.

Convince everyone that Copyright Is Evil.

Convince everyone that Copyright is something driven by that artificial
satan, the RIAA.

Except, the RIAA is just an artificial entity. Driven by all the Vinyl
Record Creating Corporations.

It is a lie. And it is the Father of Lies.

But damn profitable.

God Bless.

There is no try. There is only "do."

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