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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

... and ya know what's really cool?

Speaking of my previous entry, you know what's really cool?

My best friend, Jeff Fosle, who I grew up with -- I literally have known
Jeff since before he was born, having seen his Mom when I wandered across
the street to his family's house, since my brother played with his older
brother, and my younger sister played with his (later) big sister.
There's his Mom, big as a house as they say, and she was carrying him at
the time.

Knew him since before he was born. Literally.

Anyway, Jeff -- and his son, John -- are now certified to go out on The
Boats. Duluth and Superior are big shipping sites, and getting On The
Boats is the core function here. We used to have a lot of other stuff
going on, but the steel industry is in the toilet and the Air Force base
is now a minimum security Federal prison.

But going on the boats is the real money job.

So I'm thinking, this is a great source for understanding The Boats. I'm
wondering if the author doesn't know a bit about this stuff...

Fascinating stuff. Might even learn something, go figure.

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