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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You for President!

I was suddenly struck by a wild idea, which of course means it must be
immediately implemented, reviled in the press, ridiculed in the tabloids,
and eventually banned.

The Time Magazine Person of the Year not so long ago, was You, since You
produced most of the cool new content on that Interweb thang what they
talk about on the Tee Vee alla time.

So, how about nominating the Time Magazine Person of the Year for
President? Preferably as a Republican. Maybe as a Libertarian, they need
a candidate practically everyone would vote for. Maybe for the
Communists, then folks might like them again.

I don't know if the Scientologists have a Presidential candidate. Some
might say they already have a President. But hey, Tom Cruise for
President, we need more psychos as candidates. (Meant in the nicest
possible way; wouldn't want to be stalked by a Hollywood celebrity, that'd
be much too weird.)

So, yeah, You for President! Oh, wait, Democracy, You already have
absolute power, don't We?

Yeah, right.

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