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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Vote Me for City Council!

I've decided, now that I'm an internationally renowned celebrity, to run
for City Council.

Actually, the City Council seat in Ann Arbor's Fourth Ward.

That would be Ann Arbor, Michigan, of course.

Now the campaign won't be easy. For one thing, I no longer live in the
Fourth Ward. Or in Ann Arbor.

Actually, I haven't lived anywhere in the state of Michigan for the last
four years or so.

So it'll be an uphill struggle, and I'm sure my millions of fans are up to
the challenge.

I did actually run for City Council in Ann Arbor's Fourth Ward a while
back. I came in second. The only other candidate came in first.

So, the good news is, I'm an experienced City Council candidate. And
people did actually vote for me. A remarkable number of people, though
not enough to elect me. BTW, thanks, guys, I was amazed and humbled that
people supported me for City Council, even though I didn't do very well at

It seems that in the process of trusting the existing Democratic political
structure, and in particular the Ward Chair, Greg Hebert, I did what he
said I should do, which turned out to be the exactly wrong way to run a
City Council campaign -- or any political campaign on a planet that
supports human life -- so I'm thinking Greg is a really lousy source for
campaign advice.

Now, since I know they have a Ward Chair that sucks at political
campaigns, I figure I can continue to run for Democratic candidate for 4th
Ward from way up here, and actually win. If Greg's still in charge, they
won't have a candidate who can win, anyway, so I'll be a shoe-in, at least
for the Democratic slot -- Greg won't properly support any existing

If my constituents, or future constituents, insist, I'll be more than
happy to move back to Ann Arbor. Always liked the town, just didn't like
being so far away from my family, who mostly live here in northern

FWIW, when I ran for city council, my team put together Ann Arbor's first
campaign video. I did the words, I did all the talking-head stuff myself,
my videographer (who's name I regretfully forget) chose the sites and did
the video stuff.

And I did get stopped once by a young couple, who asked me if I was me,
and excitedly said "We voted for you!" People were enthused by my
candidacy. And they voted-by-default for my opponent. So I was likely
the better candidate, but since Greg HEE-bert insisted on campaigning in
the areas where people didnt' support me, rather than making sure
Democrats knew there was somebody running for the job, the other guy won.
Thanks, Greg. I'm sure, by now, you've been put in the Ann Arbor
Democrats Hall of Fame for your fine work.


  1. The problem is you ran in an off year, April. And the other guy was in an incumbant city council person. Ifn fact, his wife took his seat and changed to the dem. party, she still hokld office. I really appriciate that you took up the mantle, but an April election, in Ann Arbor, guaranteed a republican turn out. Due to a regular low democratic voter participation. You were very brave for a U of M maintenance person. No democrate was going to win taht race. Better luck next time. Respectfully, a Fourth Ward Voter

  2. The problem is my opponent wasn't an incumbent, the previous incumbent was a Democrat, and I wasn't a U of M Maintenance person. Which shows just how much attention you were paying, Greg ... er ... Fourth Ward Voter...

    "No democrate was going to win that race..." Lovely bit of Democrate-ic leadership that is, too. Why think positive? It wouldn't work anyway.

    If the election had been run properly, it's quite possible I wouldn't have won -- after two previous Democratic victories for the same seat, off-year and on-year. But I didn't just fail to win, I lost.

    Anyway, since I live no where near Ann Arbor, and have no plans and no wish to return, there can be no good outcome to further discussion.

  3. Boy, sure glad I'm not bitter, huh?



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