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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Vote for Ron Paul!

I wanted to recommend you vote for Ron Paul for Republican candidate for

No real reason. I'm a Democrat, so I'm not going to vote in their
primary. As far as you know...

Anyway, I just heard on CNET's podcast that Ron Paul, whoever the heck he
might be other than a Republican candidate for President, is the most
popular candidate of bloggers. I'm a blogger. You might have noticed
that. Therefore, I'm supposed to support him. So I do.

Of course, my support be a bit disingenuous. I'm a Democrat, and the more
support that goes to a Republican candidate who'll likely lose is all the
better for me (he said, chuckling evilly). But I don't NOT support him;
what little I know about his positions seem good. If I were a Republican,
I might well vote for him. But I wouldn't vote in the Republican primary,
because it would be wrong. As far as you know.

So, Vote Ron Paul for President! It's the Right Thing to do in the
Republican primary. Heck, the Libertarian primary, the Communist primary,

Just don't vote for him in the Democratic primary. We have enough

Oh, the General election? If he's in the game at that point, we'll really
have to talk about that, won't we? I might have to take credit for the
success of his candidacy in the primaries.

But I wouldn't do that, it'd be wrong.

As far as you know.

Gee, if he gets elected President, maybe he'd make me Secretary of the
Interior or Ambassador to the Court of Saint James?

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