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Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh, yes you can

One of the many podcasts I listen to is CNN's "You Can't Make This Stuff
Up." Fairly clever, fairly funny. Can't beat the price.

So, they did one story which had me scratching my head. The police pulled
this fellow over because he was weaving, and they thought he was driving
drunk. Turns out, he wasn't drunk, he was blind, and was getting
directions from his much younger passenger. "You Can't Make This Stuff

Well, um, seems to me, they -did- make this stuff up. This same incident
happened in "The Scent of a Woman." Remember, Al Pacino, "WHOO-haw!" and
so on.

Sure, I suppose it happened in real life -- though sometimes stories show
up in the news that never actually happened, what they call Urban
Legends. But suppose it did.

You still can't say you -can't- make this stuff up, because somebody -did-
make this stuff up, now didn't they?

So does that still count?

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