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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The new 24-inch iPod!!!

I was just listening to CNET -- I do a lot of that -- and heard about
Apple's new 20-inch and 24-inch iProducts.

So I figured you'd all wanna know about the new, bigger iPods. Great, the
new video iPods they've been rumoring about. Granted, even the 20-inch
device will be difficult to carry in a pocket, but even so, that'd be a
kick-ass podcast catching platrorm. And hell, 24-inch? That's not only a
truly spectacular video podcast platform, you could do some serious gaming
on such a gadget. Just imagine, playing cutting-edge video games on a
device you can stick in your pocket.

Except, 24 inch, that seems kinda big for a pocket device.

I mean, heck 24 inch, isn't that kinda overkill for a podcast-catcher?
Nice, but it just seems kinda big.

Heck, 20-inch still seems to big. Decent size for a DVD viewer. Too big
for a handheld video device. What the hell were they thinking?

Oh. Wait. Just a second.

Just checked the source on this, and as it turns out, they were talking
about iMacs, not iPods.

That's completely different. Never mind.

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