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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I hate forums!!!

I really, truly, deeply and profoundly hate web-based forums.

There are already technologies for messaging that have been part of the
Internet for decades now -- email, newsgroups, even the IM technologies
that are relatively new, though there were IMing technologies decades ago.

I don't care to use a webbrowser for stuff other than browsing the web.
And I gather that's a crazy idea. Oh, well, I'm crazy, and that's a bad
thing. Huh, go figure.

Not doing it. It's annoying, and I have to message while looking at 3-d
full-motion video advertisements, and that's Better, because... well,
because who ever runs the website wants to sell adspace. And I interfere
with that.

I'm not gonna buy it, why scream at me about it?

Discussion forums use discussion-oriented media. If you wanna discuss
stuff with me, use a discussion media. If you wanna use something that
works well on the Web, put it in the web. Don't waste my time, otherwise,
I wont' be listening.

There are some vague middle grounds, like the flash-based or javascript-
based live chat support links. Since such tech support usually sucks,
using the links usually sucks, too.

Otherwise, use the appropriate technology, or don't expect me to be

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