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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An even dirtier job

Was watching an episode of that cable show, "Dirty Jobs." Love the show,

So, there Our Hero was, crawling his way through this teensy little hole
in whatever he was crawling into -- I dunno, didn't say I was paying
attention, just said I saw it on the TV -- and said to myself,

There's a worse job.

Cameraperson on the show. I was about to say "cameraman," but I'm old
now, and us old people recall when alla them technical jobs were done by
Real Men, so Cameraman was a real title. So, this Cameraperson, who ever
he is -- yeah, right, like some girls gonna wanna get all filthy crawling
through little holes in factories and whatnot -- though, actually, that's
kinda hot...

Back now, I'm done. Oh, waitaminute, what was I talking about?

Crawling through the same teensy little hole, in the same overheated
HAZMAT suit... with a TV camera and various attached cables.

They were showing a shot of the top of the star's head, as he crawled in.

And the hell of it is, nobody ever notices the cameraman - person -
technician - whateverthehell. Big deal, your job is being on cable, doing
filthy jobs, for a cut of the revenues of the ads. And that's -worse-
than doing the same stuff, doing it first, and getting paid Union scale?

Thanks for your concern for the working folks. Studs Terkel you ain't,
buddy. Don't even recall your name.

Come to think of it, you did that show about the tremendously dangerous
job of fishing for King Crab off the coast of Alaska. Your dangerous job
was narrating in the studio. Gee, wonder who did the video recording on
the actual boat, Up Close And Personal with the dangerous stuff the
actuall working people were doing, oh, say, the almost-dying stuff, for

Showbiz is tough, huh?

But, really, I'm kidding. Probably. As Far As You Know.

Anyway, you want a real Dirty Job, be a cameraperson. It's been a Dirty
Job since George Eastman came up with that whole rolled film idea. BTW,
it turns out I was right. It was just a passing trend.

It's been a dirty job since folks used to be unfortunate enough to be at
the front lines of an historically important battle (involving spears and
wooden machines throwing large rocks), so that you get the privilege of
running 26.6 miles, from Marathon to Athens, reporting the results of the
big battle, and then collapsing and dying.

That was that Achilles fellow, wasn't it? The star, not the guy(s) who
did the actual work.

Dirty Job. Star on an internationally-syndicated broadcast show.

I feel your pain. But you can't know how much, since you can't just see
me, just feel me, touch me, heal me...

No cameras, just folks.

Anyway, glad I can make my own contribution to history. I dunno if I will
ever run 26.6 miles anytime in my life.

Dirty Jobs. Or, you could be on the TV!

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