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Friday, September 14, 2007

The Answers

Periodically, like tonight, I see women with other guys. I especially see
women who I find attractive for myself -- Guy Thing.

And when I'm most intimidated is when I see them with guys who have their
Answers. The Answers are what you find when you know who you are going to
be and what you're going to do. They have them.

Women are attracted to the Answers. They want confidence and security,
and I don't blame them a bit. Wish I had them to offer.

I don't have the Answers. I've found the Questions a few times, and they
always led to more Questions, and no answers.

On occasion I find women who aren't looking for the Answers. Because when
you find the Answers you're done. Then you finish your business in the
world, and then you're done, and you die.

Some very few women find the Questions far more interesting than the
answers. Not often, not many, but some do. Those are my moments of

Gotta get me more of those.

Because Answers have I none.

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