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Monday, August 27, 2007

We Don't Need Digital TV

The Government has decided that we must eliminate analog TV. So all the
TVs made for analog TV will stop working. We will break them. Resistance
is futile. We will assimilate you.

The Government has declared that all the TVs that you own now will cease
to work, and that you will have to buy more stuff by February 2009. If
you haven't bought more of the new stuff by then, you don't have TV

Nobody actually needs more stuff. But the Government needs more tax
money, which they'll collect from digital carriers. And the folks who
fund their reelection campaigns, folks who sell electronics, need to make
more money. And the Government wants to sell the broadcast TV bands to
Google, who want to buy broadcast TV.

If you have Cable, you have more stuff. If you don't, you TV will stop
working. Period. And the Democrats and the Republicans both agree that
you are screwed, and you TV will stop working, unless you can afford

And nobody bothered to ask you.

Welcome to America. Here's your accordion.

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