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Monday, August 27, 2007


Here's a spoiler for you.

At the end of The Tragedy of Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, by Shakespeare
(you may have heard of him), Hamlet dies from poison.

Not that you planning on reading that.

At the end of the "Harry Potter" series, Harry dies.

Not that you were planning on reading that.

Of course, that depends on how you define the end of the story. Every
story ends when the main character dies. Sometimes after the story ends,
the main character dies. Someone pointed out in a fiction series I read,
every romance is a tragedy, because at the end, everybody dies.

Spoil what, exactly? At the end, did anyone have the idea that Harry
Potter achieves immortality, that he never dies, ever? Is this one of
those religious things? Is Harry Potter snatched up by a passing
spacecraft, either living forever or returning after a lightspeed journey
to some other galaxy -- say ours, for example?

There is no spoiler. There is either a story worth reading, or there
isn't. And I don't think the fact he's beheaded at the end should have
anything to do with the value of the story itself. Aren't all the -really-
good stories read repeatedly, anyway?

And if you care if I'm right, WTF are you doing reading this blog before
you finish the book?

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