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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The post-lobbyist paradigm

Every time something changes in technology that impacts the heavily-funded
existing industries, they go full-goose-bozo buying legislators trying to
claw their way out of the toilet.

One could conceive of a horror movie where we sit down on the porcelain
throne, and when we get up, what we've left behind claws their way back
out. Welcome to Congress. Welcome to the Executive Branch these days,
too, for that matter.

We should never have to deal with that in Congress. That's why we elect
good legislators. They should be smarter than let that be our problem.
They should be smarter than to be bought by lobbyists. That's their job.
If they don't do their job, they are out of work. If they aren't doing
their jobs, they're stupid. They might have well-dressed gray hair, have
good speech writers, and they may even have been a good legislator back in
the day. But they're not doing their job, they're stupid, and they're

Congress really, really doesn't want military veterans like myself getting
involved in making sure the legislators are doing their job, and neither
do we. If voting to elect smart folks doesn't work, and I would rather it
did, all bets are off.

I'm still betting on the Democratic Republic I love and swore my life, my
fortune and my sacred honor to support. So it's GOING to work. And it's
GOING to work soon. And the pathetic incompetent little weasels who
wormed their way into the Democratic Republic I swore to protect from ALL
enemies, foreign or domestic, ARE going to make sure the problems are
solved, even if there are lobbyists in the unemployment lines, and
obsolete major corporations cease to exist.

Aren't you?

But I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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