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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Okay, thought I'd throw this out to my own little world.

In the US and all over the world, there are many many podcasts who are, as
John Denver put it, are "wishing for someone to sing to."

In the US, many/most cable channels have a Public Access Channel. These
can be required by local Public Utility Commissions to fulfill the public
service aspect of being broadcasters, as Cable providers are, mostly,
kinda. Similar things might exist in other countries, but I wouldn't

Because of that requirement and public access impetus, PACs are required
to accept most non-offensive content. In many cases, they're begging for
content, and playing a lot of stuff over and over, because they just don't
have much to play.

They often require someone to be a citizen of their core audience to put
up content, and they generally accept most content from that audience,
because they gotta play stuff.

I'm a podcaster, and I want my show to be heard by everybody I can manage.
I'm also a citizen of the core audience of a cable provider to much of
northern Minnesota. And I want to be heard.

So I was kicking around ideas with other podcasters...

What about an idea where I, as a podcaster in a decent-sized market,
exchange full-length shows with another podcaster in another decent-sized
market, who's show I like.

I put up theirs here, they put up mine, there. Both of us gain a new
audience, and possibly new subscribers on our online feeds. But new
listeners, who may or may not even own a computer, and whether or not
they're subscribed to our RSS feeds.

Is this a crazy idea? Is there something fundamental I'm missing here? I
think it's a brilliant idea, and I think it'd be straightforward to
implement with off-the-shelf technologies.

So, what did I miss, other than not publicizing the idea before I file a
patent on the idea and and some patent squatter makes me using my own idea

I call it PodPAC. I wonder what whoever steals the idea will call it.

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