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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Vista-based iPhone!

Did you hear the new rumor about the Vista-based iPod? Well, you have

Is there an authoritative source for this? Of course, Some Guy on the
Internet said it! (What, I'm -not- Some Guy on the Internet?)

Is there corroboration? Sure! Do a Google search, not only will you find
a link to some guy saying there's a Vista-based iPod, there's a link off
on the right saying you can search for a Vista-based iPod on Amazon.

So it's as true as anything else on the Inturweb.

BTW, if somebody demands an original source for the rumor of the Vista-
based iPod, you got it from me. It's a perfectly legitimate rumor, I just
made it up myself.

As for whether it's factual, well, hey. It's the Interweb. Who looks on
the Interweb for facts? You want Truth? You can't handle the truth!

Rumors we got.

Nickle a piece, three for a dollar. Just click on the Paypal link to pay
for them.

I'll be waiting for all the money to flow in. Hope Paypal doesn't crash.

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