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Friday, August 3, 2007

Kiptronics stats -- Ooooh, pretty!

I just recently started "tinkering" with the Kiptronic ad support thingie
affiliated with Libsyn, where my podcast is hosted. Probably never have
any interest from advertisers, at least not for a while, too small. Put
up a link to their survey thing on my website, no responses yet. Not
critical, just experimental.

Anyway, was poking around in the Reports section on there. Cool! They
comment on the page that Libsyn has much better stats. (I dunno which
Libsyn they're referring to, not the one I'm using at the moment.) They
got yer multicolored piecharts, yer breakdowns on where my files have been
going since the beginning -- I gather they reach into Libsyn's stats to
get the numbers -- and they break down the audience by country, by state,
and by market, in great detail. (I gather the advertisers would need that
sort of thing.) Even if I never get interest from advertisers, it's worth
setting up, just for alla them cool stats and graphs and whatnot. Gotta
have my numbers.

And after only 6 months, I'm amazed so many people are listening. Not as
big as some, but it's just me rambling. States where I've never been, and
where I don't know anybody -- or didn't, before.

And so many countries! I wonder why people in China listen to me. Heck,
I wonder why people in the U.S. listen to me. <grin> Flattering and
humbling, indeed.

This worldwide Interweb stuff's amazing, huh?

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  1. You have one person who has taken the survey now.

    PodioMedia Chat


  2. Cool, thanks!

    Another step in my Plan for World Domination! BwaHAHAHAhaha... Cough, cough...


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