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Monday, July 2, 2007

Well, now THAT is interesting...

So, nobody's given a crap about my blog, ever, essentially. Quite
frankly, if I produce quality content (and that's questionable, too) it's
on the podcast, and the blog is merely me ranting inanely.

And a few minutes ago, I posted my "choke the life out of" message, and
within a very few minutes thereafter, I had two hits. What, there are
people looking on a regular ongoing basis for stuff related to "choke the
life out of" people, things, and two-cycle engines, and all of a sudden,
within minutes, I've got two hits on my blogsite?

My first thought was okay, Committee for State Security, oh, wait a
minute, something entirely different, Department of Homeland Security, has
nothing better to do with their funding than to monitor posts from
overweight middle-aged white guy on a blog that everybody ignores. Sounds
plausible to me, even likely -- if it's stupid, well, hey, we're talking
about the Fiddle Gummint, run by Dubya (which is entirely different from
Bubba), so if it's stupid, they do it, and they probably have three
departments in charge of it. And naturally, it isn't actually run by
Dubya, it's run by the Chaney, who can't be trusted with a shotgun while
surrounded by armed friends, much less a whole nuclear armed government...

So, thought I'd post a last message while I wait for the special forces
troops to kick in the (unlocked) front door of the bar...

(Exercise for the Reader: determine the acronym for a Committee for State
Security, if you spelled the department name in Russian.)

Welcome to America. Here's your Duct Tape. Hope you didn't plan on
keeping the mustache.

And yes I'm being absurd and paranoid. And if we keep talking while The
Whole World Is Listening, maybe I can stay absurd and paranoid.

I'm only still paranoid while my fears are still unreasonable.

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