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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Silly Me

I posted the other day, about how people didn't appreciate my Kareoke
singing, and probably thought I was getting paid to sing. And it might be
true at that. But probably not.

I took it down a day or two later.

I imbue kareoke with far too much importance. I guess it feels like
that's the one significant thing I do. And relative to my life, that's
kinda true, too.

But I shouldn't expect other people to see that same level of importance.
For me, the singing is what I do at the bar, and I gotta sing a lot, and I
drink while I'm waiting to sing. For others, the drinking is what they
do, and if somebody's singing, that's kinda nice, too. If they get to
sing once, well, all the better. But it's not a big deal.

So, if there are people who have heard me try to sing, and were offended
by my comments, I apologize. Heck, if there were people were offended by
my trying to sing, I guess I gotta apologize for that, too.

As Willie Beeman said in the movie "Any Given Sunday," "It wasn't me, it
was the devil 6-6-6."

Or something like that.

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