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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Never that much, ever

Okay, it'd be nice to be a Big Deal podcaster, with a huge audience. But
it seems like that can never happen:

Wisconsin: Dawn & Drew are the Big Deal Wisconsin podcast. Forget that.

Minnesota: There is no Big Deal Minnesota podcast I've heard of.
Probably never will be, because of the ...

Big Deal Midwestern podcast: Dawn & Drew, of course. NPR does podcasts,
including one or more with Garry Keilor, who does a show about a town in
Minnesota that doesn't exist, and therefore any made-up stuff he cares to
come up with actually happens. Doesn't have to come up with really cool
stuff that actually ever happened here, or is ever likely to happen here
without a Martian invasion.

Hard to compete. I gether he's still living in New York NY, so I guess it
doesn't matter much to him anymore, anyway.

Big Deal Aspie Podcast: Well, we have, which is of
course the definitive podcast about anything related to autism, even
though it isn't by anyone on the spectrum, and admittedly so. But they
have the cool URL, so ignore the rest of us.

And doesn't host a podcast, so nevermind. And that other
fella does a blog he hasn't maintained in months, so why ask?

The rest of the possibilities, well, I can't imagine there's a lot of
demand for podcasts by fat, aging guys from the midwest, so I fail to find
any other categories to fit into.

So I'm doomed to obscurity, and then all the big companies (especially the
drug companies) will jump in and produce something huge and well-funded.
So I'm doomed forever. Glad I have a half-dozen people left who care.

Okay, two-dozen.

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