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Monday, July 2, 2007

Gotta love it

I left work today wanting to choke the life out of somebody.

I think it's probably a bad thing to leave work wanting to choke the life
out of somebody. Unless your job is choking the life out of people. Then
it just shows you love your job. And they say loving your job is a good
thing, don't they?

My job, not so much. I'm a business-to-business telemarketer, and that's
not the sort of job one loves. The work itself, talking on the phone, is
okay, I guess. It's the best sort of telemarketing, in the same sense
that gonnorhea is the best sort of venerial disease.

But I thoroughly hate that people think it's perfectly okay to be flat-out
rude to someone who's not being rude to them. "But he's just a
telemarketer." Yeah, and your point? I'm doing my job, and doing as well
as I know how -- as you'd expect your own employees to do, including your
own salespeople in your own business. You wanna argue it's okay to be
rude to shut down a pushy salesman? I'm not pushy. I'm polite and soft-
spoken and certainly anything but hard-sell, as I am in Real Life, too.
But I guess it's okay to be rude to me anyway. Because I'm a

"Well, then you shouldn't be a telemarketer." No, I shouldn't. I should
be in manufacturing, but all those jobs were shipped out of the country.
I should be a programmer, but all those jobs were shipped out of the
country. I should be in customer service, but... And so on. Now they're
shipping the telemarketing jobs off to Bangelore, India, too.

Sure hope nobody's planning on selling anything in this country -- most of
us won't have jobs allowing us to buy anything. Unless we buy it at Wal-
Mart, which mostly sells stuff made in Asia.

It shouldn't be this way. But the leaders of the Greatest Generation sold
us out.

And then we relected them. And then we relelected them. And then...

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