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Friday, June 8, 2007

Sam, you made the pants too long

I reached Episode 14 on the podcast this last weekend. (Yay Me!) It turned
out to be one of my longer shows. I have done shows that were five or six
minutes, but this one and a couple others have been around 20 minutes.

Is that too long?

I understand that many people prefer shorter shows, so they can follow
more podcasts. Sometimes I run longer, though, either because I have more
to say, or because I don't have more to say but keep rambling on, anyway.

But I wonder if I ought to impose some particular time limit, for
consistency and so as to satisfy more people. I think if I really have
something to say, I ought to be able to limit length and contain the
message in a shorter format. But I don't know if I necessarily have to
have a Grand Message for the Ages. It's podcasting, not preaching, after
all, and I'm not running for anything.

At the moment, anyway, I did a few years ago.

But if I don't have a grand message, just some things to say, it isn't
easy to cut that down to just a short, "Deep Thoughts" sort of format.
So, sometimes I'm ambivalent, and sometimes I'm not.

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