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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A New View of the Space Program

There are a number of alternative views of the space program.

Some see it as a massive pork-barrel boondoggle, a way of wasting vast
amounts of money and time and precious bodily fluids on something not
worth achieving.

And some might say that going from this teensy little planet out to see
the rest of the universe is a waste of time. I tend to think that the
only worthwhile thing the human race can do is go out and see the rest of
the universe. Anything else is using our finger to make swirly little
cirles in piles of our own excrement -- which is the source of most of the
topsoil on our planet, after all.

There is a view that seeing the rest of the universe -- given the scales
in question, the rest of the universe -is- the universe, and we aren't
actually here, have never been here, have never been anywhere to speak of -
- is a waste of time.

This is an entirely reasonable and rational view, if Ur Head is up Uranus.

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