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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

With the Mystic Smile

I had an idea I considered using for the Podcast, but I thought better of
it. Still, it's kinda clever, and I hate to waste it.

What would happen if I did a parody of the old Nat King Cole song, "Mona
Lisa," but you changed it to "Condalisa?" As in, "Condalisa, Condalisa
men have named you..." Depending on your political tendencies, such a
parody could be -quite- elaborate.

Some lines are, well, kinda obvious for the theme: "...They just lie
there, and they die there..."

But I decided not to do it. After all, it's probably a violation of the
Patriot Act. Or would it count as protected political speech? Anyway,
I've decided to keep the podcast away (for the moment) from political
themes. The Blog, of course, has gone down political paths in the past,
and it will in the future. But this, well, I think I'll let slide.
Anybody wants to comment with a (clean) version, I'd like to see it.

Besides, I'm just not a political guy. And I don't like the idea of
hurting someone's feelings. And it's probably not her fault.

On the other hand, "George of the Jungle" certainly seems to suggest some
opportunities for parody, doncha think?

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