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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A tale told by an idiot

When I'm not working, or doing alla the crap I gotta do only to prepare
for working more, I podcast. Or I listen to podcasts. Lately anyway --
that's my latest perseveration.

I listen to some absurd number of podcasts. Some of them truly and
profoundly suck, to the extent that they create new definitions for the
word "suckiness." The good ones, the ones from which I love hearing new
content, are far beyond anything I could achieve in my wildest dreams.

And (most) every time I hear them, I enjoy the content, and I wonder how
the hell I could consider myself part of that community. Most of them get
some of their content from other sources than themselves. Well, okay,
then they're brilliant at selecting content. And I wonder what the hell
I'm doing here.

I doubt I'm going to quit any time soon, because I truly love what I'm
doing. I'm rather obviously not brilliant in any category of podcasting,
except, perhaps, sincerity. As George Burns put it, the secret of being a
great actor is sincerity, once you figure out how to fake that, the rest
you've got in the bag.

But what I've done so far hasn't been enough. Like Linus from "Peanuts,"
I've created the world's most sincere pumpkin patch. I should be able to
do more and better. And I've pretty well exhausted myself as a topic.

So now I'm faced with the decision, now that I've exhausted the one topic
upon which I'm an expert, me, what do I select as a topic, out of the
category of All of the Rest of the Universe?

Don't wanna do politics, been done better by some ridiculous number of
people. Religion, ditto. Sex, been done thousands of different ways,
from thousands of different perspectives.

Not that I'll refrain from bringing up those topics when I have something
to say.

So, what's next?

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The Life and Times of a Minor Local Celebrity

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