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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blocking Blogs from the military

What fresh hell is this?

The U.S. military leadership in Iraq has decided that no military
personnel in Iraq are allowed to blog about their experiences there. My,
isn't -that- a clever move.

We have the government claiming that the Our Boys in Iraq (later amended
by their staffs to "our Military Professionals") are all in support of the
government's handling of the whole quagm... er... situation. Except, of
course, now these military professionals are no longer allowed to tell
their fellow American citizens how much they love their experiences in
Iraq, how proud they are of the precise and intelligent decisions made by
their Glorious Leaders.

This must be an administrative oversite. Perhaps some minor staffer typed
"not" rather than "unequivically" before "allowed" in a memo somewhere
along the line. I can't imagine why our Glorious Leaders would want to
deny these American citizens the opportunity to inform their fellow
citizens of their joy and pride. After all, Senator McCaine said on TV
that we civilians are misinformed about the great successes our military
folk have achieved in Iraq.

And I'm sure the troups on the ground are better informed about these
glorious victories. Isn't that the new military standard, that the
leaders on the ground are the best judges of what needs to be done? Since
this is not, according to our President, a quagmire, it follows that we
are not repeating the same mistakes we made in the -last- quagmire.
Although this -isn't- a quagmire. So we most assuredly aren't making the
same mistakes.

"The horror! The horror!" Sorry, gotta turn the VCR down.

If the truth is that this is a wonderful success, shouldn't we want the
folks who see this great success telling us that? Like, for example, the
folks in my old Air Guard unit, who were required to turn around and go
back for another term? Unlike the President, I saw the members of my
Guard unit on a regular basis, so maybe he feels differently than some of

Why the secrecy? What do you know, and how soon are you going to be
denying that you knew it?

Gotta love the Gummint. It's not just a good idea, it's The Law.

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