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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crazy like a Fox

So, okay, I've got good news and bad news -- for me, not for you,

My podcast has grown significantly. And stopped growing. I don't have
any experience to say what's reasonable for growth, but it seems to have
stopped completely.

Granted, my podcast has a larger audience than most of those of the US
population -- since most of the US population doesn't have podcasts. And
those who do listen do seem to like it -- which is good, though I dunno
why they'd listen if they hated it. Camp appreciation, maybe?

It seems that some who appreciate the podcast don't want to admit to their
friends that they listen. The reasons I've been given are good reasons.
But that leaves the whole podcast thing kinda going nowhere, growth-wise.
I don't mind speaking to a small group, but I'd been kinda hoping I was
saying something more than just a few people might want to listen to, and
for more than one reason. Doesn't seem so, though.

Yes, I know, there are vast numbers of podcasts, and vast numbers of
blogs. I'm beginning to think, though, that to get the size of audience
the Big Shows have, I essentially have to sound more like them. Or
utterly change my content to something either more publically accessible,
or more politically controversial.

Since I talk a bit in each show about Asperger Syndrome, and since most of
the public isn't on the Spectrum, my content isn't (apparently)
intelligible to the publc. So I have to stop even mentioning the

The political part is easy. I don't actually have to be right about
anything. In fact, if I am deeply and profoundly and vehemently and, even
better, profanely wrong, more people will listen. If I interview people
who are also profanely vehement about being wrong, in large numbers over a
long people time, success is pretty much given.

If I make a sufficient effort to be wrong, I could have my own network on
Cable. To be fair, that might be too much to expect, but I'd have to be a
bit unbalanced to try. Apparently, though, this is not difficult.

My young female friend has repeatedly told me I need to do more
controversial stuff. Other young females have told me I should also be on
MySpace. If I do both, perhaps my podcast will become a Giant of the
Media Industry. And apparently, sigificant numbers of young women will
like my show. Hmmm... Maybe this isn't such a bad idea?

Anyway, I'm kinda stymied here. I don't have anything earthshaking to say
that I actually feel like making part of the show. But I suppose I shall
have to anyway. Listening to my show is a dirty little secret, the sort
of thing that is perfectly fine in the privacy of your own home between
consenting adults.

Any ideas on how to change that?

Grizzly <grizzly at>
The Life and Times of a Minor Local Celebrity

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