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Thursday, April 19, 2007

What words mean

I've been doing a podcast for a while now. I enjoy it, and I've been
reasonably proud of it.

Recently I did a Google search to see if anyone other than me was posting
comments to the web about what I had to say. Well. Seems the word
"grizzly" has already been co-opted by the gay community. So no one will
find my podcast, or even bother to look for my podcast, because they're
not looking for gay content. Thanks, guys.

I got the nickname "Grizzly Adams" from cabdrivers in southeast Michigan,
because I have a habit of not trimming my beard or cutting my hair. I'm
not gay. But because the term grizzly is already owned by the gay people,
I can look forward to my content to being ignored and my message, should I
ever have one, being misunderstood or kicked aside by folks who aren't
interested in gay messages.

But I'm not gay.

And that doesn't matter, because "grizzly" is a gay term.

So now I'm pretty much decided to kick the whole podcast to the curb.
Because nobody's ever going to find me, or listen to me, because I'm
buried beneath a deluge of content focused on a particular subgroup of the
Gay community. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.
Doesn't seem fair to me, but what do I matter.

Ain't free speech grand.

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