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Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Next Podcast topic

I'm kinda hanging fire on my next podcast topic. I've been doing a series
of shows about me, and there really isn't that much to tell, and I ran

So now I have to get another idea or another theme or topic or whatever.

One topic that keeps coming to mind for me is, what is it really like to
be beautiful? I have been told from time to time I'm pretty good-looking.
Since I'm told that by people who would know, it must be true. But I'm
not the sort who takes that as a given because somebody says so. I'm
still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I have been absurdly lucky in meeting and (sometimes) getting to know
beautiful women. And I am certainly affected by meeting some women who
are beautiful. It is mind-boggling that a guy like me would have met as
many gorgeous women as I have. And I know how I react to that, so much so
that I'm reasonably able to behave like a gentleman about it -- I know a
few gentlemen, so I know how they act.

But, what is it like to -be- beautiful? There comes some point where you
realize that you are good-looking, and then what? "Yeah, okay, so I'm
beautiful. And now what?" What is that like? Is your life different?
If you're good looking without being a world celebrity and what-not, how
does that feel? What is it really like to be good-looking, or beautiful?

What assumptions do you think people make about you? What experiences do
you have that back up your assumptions? Have you ever had those
assumptions proved entirely wrong?

And what assumptions do you make about the behavior of others toward you?
Do you tend to assume that -all- behavior is about your looks? Are you
ever able to accept that anyone is able to get past that?

So, that would be an interesting topic to pursue on the show. But I can't
see a way to do that show without it being assumed as a way to pick up
women. Not that I'd -mind- picking up women. But the subject intrigues
me, and I can't figure out a way to get to an honest answer to the

So that's a show I'd like to do, that I'll never get to do. And I think
it's a question worth asking. Oh, well.

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