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Friday, April 27, 2007

A little bit of understanding

There's a saying from the bible, "A prophet is without honor in his own
country." While my own troubles are not quite of biblical importance, I
can understand the above. And those in my country, my commmunity, my
friends, don't understand.

I told a group of people I'd known for a couple of decades that I'd
started podcasting, and they attacked me as someone evil who would invade
their privacy. Their privacy has resulted in lots of people leaving, and
no new people coming in. They're welcome to their privacy -- I'm on the
verge of making it more private, by one person.

Since my long-time friends didn't understand podcasting, I asked my
podcasting friends about my troubles, and they attacked me for even
asking. Never mind, they have other things to do, I guess.

My technical friends don't care about my technical troubles, and my ASD
friends don't care to hear about the spectrum-related aspects. My
drinking buddies don't care to do more than drink with me, and the woman
who tells me she loves me loves someone she thinks I am, and doesn't
understand I'm someone else.

I haven't even heard from my best friend in a month or two. And my family
is still my family.

I begin to think I'm better off talking to total strangers. So, how have
you been?

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