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Monday, April 30, 2007

Everything old is...

New again.

I was just now struck by the common theme in so much Fantasy fiction. The
forces of Good fight the forces of Evil, and both forces are mostly
destroyed, but the good triumphs, for a while.

In the intervening period, the heir or heirs of the old order rise again,
assemble overwhelming force and crush evil.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the forces of the theoretically good
fought the forces of the hereditarily evil, democracy fighting along side
monarchists against the other monarchists, the ones defined as evil.

Many of the best were slaughtered on both sides, and both sides were
weakened, but the forces of evil were able to recover faster.

Then the forces of good rose up again and smote the evil. And good
reigned triumphant, and then alla that other stuff happened, and whatnot.

Looking back on that, I reflected on essentially all the Fantasy fiction
ever written. And it's the same damned story.

Can we please see another story? Fantasy fiction is getting as bad as
Gothic Romances. Same damn story over and over again. Sometimes well
written, sometimes badly written, always the same damn story, only the
spells have changed.

I mean, hey, get over it already.

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